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Match preview: FK Rīnūži Rīga vs. Riga United FC

31 / 08 / 2015

FK Rīnūži / Beitar
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Alberta Šeibeļa stadions 31/08/2015, 18:45

The Riga cup kicks off in earnest for United tonight as they take on ‘cup bogeymen’ FK Rinuži.  They met last year in the Latvian cup, when Rinuži ran out 7-3 winners and it was to be the same this year has Rinuži not pulled out.  So it is left for the Riga Cup and no less, it’s the ¼ finals.  So there is plenty for Riga to drive for tonight.

Lessons from Caramba
Despite the heavy defeat to Caramba, there will have been a few lessons learnt from that game also some positives.  The first 35mins for Riga was some of the best football that has been played in a long time. If they play like that, keep their nerve and concentration, there is not a reason why they couldn’t win.

Communication is key
This is a part of the game Riga need to work on.  All too many times, goals have been conceded because there was no communication.  They need to talk and support each other.  They will work far more as a cohesive unit, if they get this right.  

Shape up
Riga need to find what works for them.  They almost got it right last Thursday but in the 2nd half, the shape broke down.  Each player needs to put in a shift and keep their lines.  Also marking right tonight will go a long way.

Team News:
Julian Lock and Niels Krause both make a welcome return to the team, especially Lock.  However, Riga aren’t without their losses.  Aliks, Savickis, Gemin and Alunāns are all missing tonight.

Pre match quote from manager Awada:
“Anything can happen in the cup. It's a chance for the players to express themselves.. we need to focus on the solid 35mins when we outplayed Caramba and channel that for 90mins.”