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25 / 05 / 2016

FK Rīnūži / Beitar
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Riga United almost picked up another great draw against FK Rīnūži/Beitar but for a last minute goal in ill-tempered game.

Date published: 25/05/2016, 18:47

FK Rīnužī/Beitar 2-1 Riga United FC
                                Cinglers 3'

A total of 6 yellow cards were given out in a fiery encounter on Monday night. Several time Rīnūži very lucky to count themselves not down to 10-men or less. This is not the first time the two teams have squared up like this, probably won’t be the last. The pitch was apparently in not the finest condition which was sorted a little bit before the game.  

The solo goal for Riga United came from new signing Toms Cinglers, who after some early pressure saw his well-taken lob from a scramble in the box become the opening goal of the game in the 3rd minute.    

The first half, was very much in control for Riga United.  The centre half pairing of Toni Maderbacher and Thadi Oumezdi defending well and the team playing simple football, looking for the breaks.  As with Caramba, they kept their shape and weren’t looking to take any unnecessary risks.  

In the second half, frustrated with how the game was going, Rīnūži made several changes looking to break through the United defence.  They finally got their breakthrough

In the 53rd minute, after some disappointing defending (the only real negative from what was otherwise a decent performance)  saw a cross come in, hit the bar and a lucky bounce found its way to the Rīnūži striker to strike home from close range.  

On the other side, Riga had some very good chances in the second half, however, they were unable to clinically finish them, which will be disappointing to the team. And this certainly proved costly.  As in the 89th minute, United were on the offensive with a free kick, and just in a moment, the ball was defended well and the counter was on and the striker made it 2-1 to the home side.  Riga, unable to find an answer in the last couple of minutes, left the pitch disappointed at full time. While, the home team celebrating something resembling a cup final as relief set in. However, with some optimism, the introduction of Ede Schauer into the game, gave their left back a headache, which will no doubt be looked at further.

Clearly another performance where the United players gave it all and despite the bizarre decisions from the ref.  However, there will be frustration again as Riga haven’t scored more than one goal in 4 games so far this season, despite having chances in this game to kill Rīnūži off. The team can be proud how they worked as a team and this was most certainly another opposition that thought they were going to sweep aside United. Again, they proved that they are a team which will not stop fighting.