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Hat-trick hero Ervīns Pērkons gave the Monarhs’ defence a headache.

Date published: 26/09/2016 - 18:22

Riga United 3-2 Monarhs Flaminko
Pērkons, 16', 17', 80'

On Thursday night, Riga United created a shock and gave a great boost to their chances of finishing 7th place in the league, as they beat Monarhs-Flaminko 3-2 in their penultimate game of the season.  

This is the first time they have beaten Monarhs in two season and United’s performance matched the scoreline but flattered Monarhs. The hero of the night was Ervīns Pērkons as he cemented his place as Riga United’s Top Goalscorer 2016, with one game left to go. He scored a masterful hat-trick as the defence couldn’t find a way to deal with him.

The opening stages of the game started tentatively for both teams as they were trying get into the game.  Monarhs’ started in their typical aggressive manner and attempted to pressure the United players.  Niels Krause almost put Ervīns Pērkons through with the first chance but Pērkons couldn’t quite get hold of the pass.

It didn’t take Pērkons long to get on the scoresheet or indeed the second goal as he had two goals in a minute, which put Monarhs into shock.  United tried to press Monarhs in their half throughout the rest of the first half and looking for a break.  The pressuring didn’t always work as they would have wanted and they gradually started to stand off Monarhs a bit. There was no real tempo to the game but the opposition were starting to find their way through but no real threat to goalie Zvējnieks.

Just after the half hour mark though, United let Monarhs back into the game. A throw in came in and neither centre-back dealt with the player as they failed to communicate and it was left for a simple tap-in.

The first half was made worse and harder for the Black cats as Slava Melņiks saw his first ever red card; after two yellows coming in the space of about five minutes. But United would see out the half 2-1 up.

Riga started the second half well, they kept compact in defense and pressured well, all the time looking for a counter.  Tireless midfielder Niels Krause putting in a great display.

Monarhs were still looking to get through though, however, the longer the half went, the more they were running out of ideas. United weren’t comfortable but they didn’t look in danger. The game started becoming stop-start as both teams were accumulating fouls. But it was again United who struck first to make it 3-1 in the 80th minute as Pērkons found his first Riga division hat-trick for United.

United felt more comfortable and Monarhs more panicked as they believed they could sweep aside United, no problem.  They had time for one more goal before full time as the ball came into the United area. The United defender was clearly pushed over but wasn’t deemed a foul, as all the players switched off and looked at the referee, Monarhs got a second.

Man of the match:  

Ervīns Pērkons took the plaudits on Thursday and quite rightly so.  His hat-trick will be remembered for three very well taken goals but plus movement off the ball which constantly gave defenders something to worry about.  

The first goal came in the 16th minute with a lovely pass from the midfield and fired home with a rocket from outside the area.  A minute later, he had his second as another great ball from the midfield saw Ervīns get into the box and was fouled.  Pērkons stepped up and smashed it into the top corner.

His third goal will probably be the most appreciated one as it gave United breathing space late on in the game.  A cross came in and it was almost Krause on the scoresheet as his header hit the crossbar.  The ball was not cleared well and given to Artūrs Meistars who passed to Pērkons and again from outside the box, with an excellent strike, gave the keeper no chance.  

Finding form in the Midfield:

United have found strength this year from their midfield.  When they have everyone available, it is arguably among the best midfields in the league.  For the last two games, the central midfield trio of Niels Krause, Fabio Possagno and Danilo Sica have found a chemistry and basis to form possession into attack very quickly.

United’s versatile central-midfield this season has shown time and again they have been able to utilise any part of the field going forward, whether it’s the wingers or forwards, their ability to pass the ball or work on pressuring the opponent's midfield has proven invaluable.

Going forward next season: This is an area this season that has been developing the quickest.  It could potentially become the strongest point of Riga and will surely be worked on in the 'off-season'.

No protection from the Referee:

For the second game against Monarhs-Flaminko this season, it was the same referee.  And for the second time he gave some bizarre decisions and seemed to be quite easily fooled by the sound of the players’ scream to the floor rather than the challenge.  Even the crowd had noticed and started to do the screaming for the Monarhs’ players.

Winger Edgars Arakelyans was given absolutely no protection from the referee and was deliberately kicked every time he had the ball, only one foul was blown against him. Ervīns Pērkons will now be suspended for the final game of the season. It was a silly challenge but not worthy of a card but the referee seemed to only book the Monarhs’ player for what seemed like a straight push to the ground of the the play was stopped.

Slava Melņiks’ sending off was unnecessary.  The first yellow was probably rightly given as he ‘spoke back’ to the referee, that said, the second one can be considered very unlucky. There was no intention on his part to even foul the player as was already in another direction as the player went down but the referee seemed to have other ideas.

Two of their players should have seen reds alone for their dangerous challenges and ‘off-ball’ incidents.  

Mo Awada, dismayed with the referee’s performance commented: “I don't normally comment on referees but he was exceptionally poor yesterday. I have no complaints about our red card, Slava knows after the 1st yellow, he made a silly challenge and got the 2nd yellow, however, if the ref was giving that a card, at least 2 or 3 of their players should have seen red.”

Everyone in the league knows Monarhs’ has a disciplinary problem, now incurring 11 reds and 49 yellow cards.  The second year they have been at the bottom of the ‘table’ for worst discipline.  Surely, the RFF have to look at their inclusion in the league for next year?

What the Manager said?

Speaking the day after the game, Mo Awada said:  “The lads were outstanding yesterday, it wasn’t pretty or the best football we have played but the pure grit and determination in wanting to win a football match really came through and I couldn't have asked for more.”

The back 4 were fantastic, midfield ran all night.  Ervīns [Pērkons] will get all the credit for 3 wonderful goals but I think Niels [Krause] deserves a lot of credit, he didn't stop all night.  He was playing 2-3 roles and getting forward to support Ervīns, I think he was super.”

“We talked about hard work before the game  and everyone of the 14 guys gave that. Now we rest for a few days and prepare for our last game of the season.”