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Date published: 05/08/2016 - 11:03

Dear all,

I hope everyone is having a good summer and enjoying the holidays. It’s nice to see the sun and heat being a big feature this year.

Firstly, as we have reached the halfway point, I would like to congratulate the teams and coaches for their efforts this year. It’s great to see the Riga United first teams already surpassing last year’s total points.  The development of the reserve teams are going well and this season will just create big steps forward for the club as a whole.

Secondly, and the real reason why I am writing to you is that I will be stepping down from all Riga United FC and Supporter Group activities at the end of the season. This is a decision which has been incredibly difficult for me to make and I make it with the heaviest heart imaginable. The board are aware of this and have given me their blessings and best wishes.  I feel that I have come to a point, where after three years, I have taken the Supporters’ Group as far as I can go. Also, changes in my own personal life mean that I won’t have time to commit to Riga United as is necessary.

I don’t want this to be a big announcement because I am stepping down but I want this for people to see the importance I feel of someone coming in and taking over. I have tried to work hard to get the RUSG to the point where it’s in a place for someone to come in a take it further. It is imperative that the work continues to help grow the club and the Supporters’ Group.

This is a great chance for someone, who loves the club and is committed, to do jobs that they may not have done before. The board/club are friendly and helpful, should you need any advice, they are never short on supporting you. I can honestly say that doing the things I have done for the club and the Supporters’ Group has changed my life massively for the better.

The tasks I have done at the club, that are part of this role, are as follows:

  • Matchday sound and announcements

  • Match previews and reports

  • Website articles

  • RUSG’s Social media accounts

  • Riga United FC’s facebook (one of a few people)

It’s been an amazing three years. When it began, I would never have thought, together we would get the RUSG as far as we have.   

I want to thank everyone at the club for all of their support. This is truly the MOST amazing football club in the world and it’s been an honour and privilege for me to have been part of the growth of this club.  I would like to reiterate that I am fully committed to doing all I can in my role until the end of the season.  My final thanks would like to go to a group of ladies, who have been attending the Ladies’ games, you’re the most amazing fans out of all the amazing fans we have….and the loudest!

I want to reiterate, it is so important that someone can come along, take over and push this group and the club forward. Should anyone be interested, please contact me via the facebook/twitter page or my email: Richyouatt@gmail.com.

Riga United FC and the Fans will remain a huge part of me.

Yours Sincerely,

Richard Youatt